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tv   Fast Money Halftime Report  CNBC  November 20, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm EST

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for two hours. which wouldn't have done as well. >> 116 is something you can't shake a stick at. continues to move higher on these increases. that's it for us on "squawk alley." back to scott wapner who will take othver the half. >> carl, thanks very much. welcome to the halftime show. let's meet the starting lineup for today. stephanie link, jon and pete najari najarian, joe terranova. our game plan looks like this. fresh off its earnings stunner, we debate whether best buy we'll is the best buy for your money. and the japan still a place to bet big? we're going to ask melissa otto. we begin with the captain america trade. more evidence today that the
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u.s. economy appears to be suddenly surging. an off the charts philly fed number. better than expected home sales. you got to feel good today if you are long this stock market. right steph? >> there is a lot to cheer about. but i would say while the philly fed was very good, it is a regional series. so let's not extrapolate it and get totally crazy. >> from 20 to 40. >> when it is negative or bad i say the same thing. regional indicator. very good in terms of new orders, employment. now ism new orders and the philly fed new orders being very good. so that is great activity. future indications of activity. so it is encouragings. also is retail sales. the companies are coming in better than expected. in addition we've got lower oil price, so yeah a lot of good to cheer about and it sets us up into the end of the year.
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>> you put this with your jobs readout yesterday. you must be feeling good about where the economy is today. >> i feel good no matter where the economy is scott but i feel a little better when it is like this. two conclusions i get. one is the economy looks to be accelerating. would not take philly fed at face value but it's very hard to have the manufacturers and the guy who is contribute to philly fed to be too down beat with a number like this. you were looking for 18, got 40. the other thing i'm finding is we don't seem to be importing the waebsness from abroad. the philly fed. every economist i know is looking at that number and saying what is wrong with it? they are looking for something that had to be quirky. they couldn't find it. the numbers inside were positive. housing up better than expected. october holiday higher and we talked about that yesterday. and there is that cpi. up a tick when it comes to the
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core scott which tells us we are not getting the disinflation. fortress america still appearsing to be standing. >> joe? place bets here in the u.s. >> go global. think about what market is higher than the u.s. this year. the only better than s&p is the nasdaq. that's been the story all year. it's been about the u.s. in terms of economic data that we get in terms of the fomc. as a trader to me you just look at the ten year. i found yesterday late in the afternoon, very interesting, the dialogue going back and forth what the fed will do and won't do. the conditions didn't change. the ten year stayed at 233. all things equal, markets in particular the russell turned during the day. >> funny you mention the russell. we were going to lead the program with the fact that the russell is off worst day in the month. last week you have puts and then
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the number comes out. and wait a minute, leishman walks by and says econ surge. >> that was one hell of a reversal the russell had. it whooshed and you have better coverage a position, which i did on the way back up. and the strength again today. there is a lot of activity. it moves around a lot. >> the outlook right now of the third quarter. still tracking three three. for the fourth quarter we're two seven and i'm feeling if these numbers. two seven would be fine. a little more potential would be good for job growth. i'm thinking with some numbers we've had the guys might be rethinking and wii might be headed higher towards 3%. >> what's that mean for the way we need to think about to be the fed. if you get an econo ramp and the
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fourth quarter looks better than expected everybody is talking about that again. >> the story right now is i think the fed is going to wait a little bit. it is still nervous about global weakness, still worried about disinflation overseas and it is not going ready to push the putin all that quickly. until its sure -- but today's reports given that confidence. i think scott we're still on track. >> what about oil prices though? is there a chance your 3% 4 q get resident advised higher because oil prices are down so much stimulating demand not only from the consumer but industrial side as well. >> that's possible. and all depends as you know on how much consumers believe this to be a permanent change. if it it is a temporary think, they are going look through can and the fed is. but if it ends up being permanent it changes the calculus of the investment and
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the economy. >> if it's permanent. there is a reason they smooth out food and energy. one of the reasons is what you're address here. they don't want to move too quickly and stifle the little growth you have right now. this is positive. existing home sales were great. you have 8 and 9 and $10 billion home builders moving up 2 to 3% today. >> yesterday the tone was on the desk was take some profits. companies reported good. stocks went up. take some profits. now i wonder where your psyche is if you start to consider that maybe the economy is going to to be a little stronger than you and perhaps others thought. >> well there is a good reason why right now. hey look, we've had a tremendous run. we've had a tremendous year. what is the catalyst right now. what are some of the catalysts as we go towards the end of the year. when we're looking through things right now i i see some of the catalysts as we get into 2015 but right now i don't have
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any problem at all takings some off. and when you can protect yourselves at these levels. down towards 14, that's when you buy it. from 10 to 13. here we're at 14. what a great opportunity have the protection. >> best buy in the context of target and lowe's and costco. you got to be feeling good about retail names. >> but again this is a seasonal trade too. yes you have the consumer feeling better about a little extra money in their pocket. some spent on data plans and some spent in stores like the ones you just named. but the other factor is that you buy them labor day. you sell them going into black friday. if people want to overstay their welcome and be buying or holding some of these retailers too long, i took off 75% of my coach. coh made a nice pop over the last couple weeks. we talked about unusual activity in there. i still have 25% on judge.
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but this time next week i'll be out of it. >> you have to factor in the oil price scenario which is lowest wean receive in over three years. >> but still from a seasonal trade this is the super bowl for these stocks. >> i what tonight give you the catalyst. >> -- you have this oil price tail wind. i think actually the seasonal trade could actually last longer than typically. >> it's in the hyper markets. it is in the target, the costco, the low to middle income really seeing the benefit. those type of retailers. >> nordstrom had a really good number. kate spade. it's company specific. >> i agree with you. i think it is company specific. i don't think it has to do with right now you are trying to draw the assumption it is about the low end. it is not. because i agree with you. william sonoma and kate spade have killed it as well. >> give pete the catalyst he's looking for.
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two words and they are not happy birthday. top line growth. >> that's three words. >> isn't top line one word? >> no it's three words. >> still not happy birthday. these companies are managed to make lots of money with a lackluster economy and no topline growth. if stephanie with oil revenues and accelerating economy juices the top line you talk about your plate next week. forget the turkey, the yams and the stuffing, the entire plate is gravy. >> thanks as always steve. >> real estate investment trusts are having an exciting year. should you buy in? it's hot, it's cold, it's hot again. wall street piling into japan in a big way. should you too? we ask tiaa crafts melissa.
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stephanie link is always on the hunt for bargains. and today she's making a discount buy. >> actually i bought again today. dollar general. a name we liked for a long time but it fell 4% yesterday on concerns they would have to divest more stores. i think they are going to have to divest stores. >> more than probably originally thought if they want to get that down. >> not 4,000 i don't think. and that is what sfookd stock. first this deal is far superior than the dollar tree bid and i think it is going to get done. much more gsynergistic on earnings and ebitda. i think they can grow earnings double digits and margin expansion. i like it either way and can see it getting at least to 70 on its own merits. >> what do you think of this trade? >> are you concerned at all
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against neighborhood markets? that is the one way walmart tried to defend themselves. >> and to that point neighborhood did really well. >> there is always competition and i certainly worry about that but i think at 16 times forward estimates it trades a the discount to walmart, target and dollar tree. a they lot of competitions and concern are in the stock already. if they get the family dollar, i think it goes much higher. >> according to bank of america, fund managers are the most bullish on japan in nine years. this after the country announced bold moves to keep its economy going. how should you play it? melissa otto and her specialty is japanese equities. i'm surprised had bullishness is highest in nine years. this trade was crowded last year. salespeople are still piling in. >> the halloween surprise really took the market by storm.
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the government went all in. we had a coordinated effort. the b.o.j. pulling the strig trigger on qe. the pen fu coming in. >> you know what else? we had that shocking gdp print. how does that factor in? were you shocked? >> i had definitely had a suspicion it was going to be bad but minus 1.6 was definitely worse than expectations. >> didn't change your thesis on japan at all? the central bank at this time so much outweighing what's happening in the real economy there. >> gdp is a backward looking number. so it made me think okay the worst is over now where do we go. so it just struck me there's probably time for momentum trade here and we'll have a year end rally. also a great challenge for abe to come in have a snap election, rearrange the lower house and
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maybe be able to push through reforms and that is what's going to get global fund managers real bulled up. >> how concerned are you regarding the yen. long equities is really just a play on short yen. broaching 120 if you get any rebound or recovery, do you want to be long japanese equities. >> the way we're playing is through the expeorters and some financials. seems very much like a beta trade. the companies i look closely at, they have assumptions in their guidance of anywhere from 100 to 105 yen to the dollar. we are now almost at 120. that type of sensitivity is going to drop straight to the bottom line. i want to be part of that. >> is your own level -- i'm sensing it is. your own level of conviction as as strong as, stronger than it has been? >> i'm fired up right now. end of the year. this is exciting.
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>> you think where he have a nice ramp up between now and the end of the year in japan. >> probably. i'm going the week after next. so we'll see when i get back. >> might be 120 -- the yen over the dollar by that time. what i love about your trade is you have koroda and abe both making these mousse. we haven't seen that coordination anywhere else on earth. get both moving in that direction that is a positive thing. and we'll see what it does for the economy overall. >> i what i would like to see it br than just a trade. to see bit a secular investment story where we have a solid three years of japan outperforming. i think if there is a real chance for japan to come back from the dead and reform itself, this is the shot they have got. we'll see. >> a very fired up, in her own
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words, melissa otto. coming up greenn mountain's caffeine buzz is wearing off today. and padma laskshmi joins it later on there's a difference when
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for tapping into a wealth of experience... for access to one of the top wealth management firms in the country... for a team of financial professionals who provide customized solutions... for all of your wealth management and retirement goals, discover how pnc wealth management can help you achieve. visit to find out more. coffee futures up almost 70% this year. what does that mean for the price of your morning cup?
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jackie di-ang jackie. >> as you mentioned, tim horton's raising the price of a cup of coffee by 10 cents as a result of raw costs going up. a lot of people wondering if this run continues and also is coffee just going to continue to get expensive for consumers? >> first i'll pay whatever they want to charge me. it is an addiction name in my opinion. but these companies tend to raise prices when they think prices may have peaked and lynn crease their margins when they go back down. i don't think they are correct in this. this is because after a brazilian drought. and brazilian government is predicting not great growing season this year as well. i think higher prices are probably here to stay. >> 10 cents a cup doesn't seem a lot to me.
12:23 pm
but it does make me think of inflation. what do you think of the inflation situation. >> ten cent is not impactful. but there are pockets of inflation elsewhere and other commodities and those are much more important, live cattle trading here at cme up 25% since may. that's much more likely to hurt the average household. >> more on the futures market, check out the live show at the top of the hour. talking to joe lavorgnas. i want to talk about green mountain. yesterday tualking about stocks that doubled this year. up 106% into earnings. stocks down 5% today. not really the earnings. the outlook. a little lukewarm. what do we do?
12:24 pm
>> again, i'm not saying it is a don't touch at all, scott. but to me it's not been on my radar for a while. i so missed the run up after it crossed 100. and apparently unless i see some signal i'm not going to jump on it here. i just think there are too many reasons. some of the deals they have done and how that could benefit them going forward. i don't want to fade that. >> the first thing you do is buy puts if you think the momentum so strong for many years, you buy puts. other coffee names. obviously starbuck's had a nice run. sjm reported earnings. there was disappointment on the coffee side, which is fold jers.
12:25 pm
>> so the stock is actually a lot more attractive than a green pointen. wechb a even with a pullback. more favorable to own starbuck's. >> caesars is deep ner debt than any other u.s. casino. but the company fighting off bankruptcy with an exotic bet. and dillard making the same one. and can today's gains push (vo) you are a business pro.
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picture. turned radar now. >> met coal names having moving the last month. and we talked about various commodities up and down. that's one been upside.
12:29 pm
walter is one of the many names you could list. met coal names up tloot 3 or 4%. worth noting. they seem to be rising a little more. >> i'm looking at the masco. this environment was continuing to see strength. these guys had a very mixed quarter but i think they are doing really good things underneath the service in terms of structuring and the plumbing is seeing really great margins. i think this is poised to move higher. >> jon? >> nabors judge. we saw strong activity in this name. patterson energy as well. solar stocks hopped over the past few sessions, judge. you don't like it when i say canaries in the coal mine for these kind of plays but this is one of those. perhaps people are willing to bet now that crude oil prices,
12:30 pm
energy in general, could be stabilizing here. if they stablgz, then they are way too cheap. fit keeps going down they are not. but i'm betting they are going back up. >> kate, what do you got? >> rita is the word for two companies. caesars entertainment in discussions with creditors as whether it could be reininvested as the real estate investment trust. and dillard moving higher on news of a analysis calleding for a reit spinoff. a 75 increase from current levels. marcato owns 4.9% of dillard. >> a lot of companies are using the reet strategy lately. what is behind the trend.
12:31 pm
why the interest in reits right now? >> well first as the pleasure to be onset with all of you. indicative of the strength of kmeerl real estate in general. tremendous recover, really tied to job numbers. at the same time you have little new supply going on. and with low interest rates, investment interest has pushed up valuation. that opens up the market for corporate strategies like sale leasebacks. disposing of the real estate but renting it. and this is really indicative of that pattern. >> you would be a smart investor for certain if you have been investing in reits. they have outperformed the s&p and various sectors in there lodging the kind of things we're talking about: hospitality, have been outstanding performers.
12:32 pm
>> they have been on fire. the skcyclical parts of the rei world have been on fire. and there is very little new construction going on so the fundamentals are improving very rapidly and because reits have jumped over 500% in 2009, there is a lot of power in valuation that enables the market to do all kinds of creative things. >> joe, you have a good stat here. lodging reits have held 6% of investment in reit total returns. >> i like them. and where the consensus was in the beginning of the year was incredibly pessimistic and you are seeing a little return to that looking forward in 2015. any concern with the reit becoming the eleven sector of the s&p this point next year and
12:33 pm
impact overall on financials? >> not really. i really do think in the environment we're in interest rates are not going to move up dramatically. and if they do it will be balanced with job growth and resurgence of inflation. both are good for real estate. and therefore there should be valuation protection. i will say the reit sector is more sensitive to movement than the overall marketplace. but i think the outlook is so favorable on the supply/demand side and reits are such good operators. they are on the cutting edge of economies of scale, acquisition capabilities and development capables. i think they are going to perform well. >> and the tech side too of course with the pass through and so forth as far as what they must pass through to qualify as the reit is one of the reasons i like that. but as far as the reits themselves and whether or not people believe that rates are going to stabilize, many folks have been sellers of these reits, just like joe said,
12:34 pm
because they fear if rates go up, well then these aren't as attractive. i think at 3 and 4 and 6% yield are still incredibly attractive if you believe overall global pressures are going to hold rates lower for longer. >> correct. and in 2013 there was an overreaction to interest rate increase fears. and people oversold reits. this year therefore there's been a big bounce. outpace s&p by double. what's interesting is if you look at the broader market, reits are the very important part of real estate. 84% of them are under 10 million dollars. the partnership, the local syndicator that raises country club money and so on. so what happens with the private investor is very important in terms of the ladder of the capital moving up the spectrum and in indication where the
12:35 pm
larger sectors, i.e. reits are headed as well. >> aht and bee, why do you like them. >> we screened interesting ways of looking at reits and you need to look for value. net asset value of those particular names by the analyst consensus measure, they are trading pretty well under the property valuation that they are holding. now that could be an operational issues and so on. you have to be careful in the way you invest in a reit of course. but they appear to be undervalued based on the net asset value. >> always good to have you on. >> thanks for having me. >> alibaba, the company debuting its bond sale today. >> check it out. moving higher, the company launching $8 billion debut bond deal. earlier dow jones sourcing says
12:36 pm
it could update to about 10 billion because of strong demand. >> alibaba. the trade. >> i'm out right now but i'd be more than happy to get back into it, judge. pete's been much more accurate at picking levels to buy and sell it. so i've followed him. but i do like the stock and into 2015 this is a story throughout the year. >> i still look at the growth prospects of the company and that element of it lead me to believe actually that this stock, that 120 level i know we hit it, we pulled off and rapidly moved back under 110. today back over 11. i'm putting it in the drawer and i'm going to look ate it next year. >> best buy leading the s&p today but it wasn't long ago this retailer was left for dead. what happened to worries about showrooming? and we're going to debate it. and plus another 2 to 3 feet expected in the buffalo area
12:37 pm
through tonight. what is a football team to do? the unbelievable plan to clear out ralph wilson stadium when we come back. act i. scene 3.
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coming up on power, best buy shares soaring. is is it the best buy now? plus new danger in the air. scary new video of just how close drones are getting to airliners coming in for landing at some u.s. airports. you have got to see this. and danger on the roads. frightening new data on the safety of mini advance. t -- mini vans. >> shares of intel right now moving higher by about 1.6%. the company bumping up its dividend to 96 cents.
12:41 pm
a 6 cents increase. the announcement coming at the annual meeting. also saying they see 2015 revenue growth in the mid single digits. gross marges at 56% plus or minus 2 points. the stock happens to be in your playbook. >> and they are saying exactly what pete said monday this week when people were talking about intel. and that is they are hitting on all cylinders and the pc is not dead. and they are on track this year to do that 40 million tablet they have been telling everybody they would. well, they are going to be there and that is a very positive sign. so to say intel is done, the story is over, it is time to get out, sold to those people. i think it goes higher. >> you still like the name. >> i still live it. i loved it when it got unjustly showed and it was $31 a share. i still think it's a steal. and plenty of upside here.
12:42 pm
we talked earlier in the we week --. management is taking action when they need to. this is one more feather in the cap. when they pay the dividend. look at the fundamental story. this stock can go a lot higher. >> the nasdaq was only about 300 away from 5 thousand. you had from the low, say, october 15th. until now tech has been really one of the leadership groups too. >> no doubt. and there are specific names still. in the s&p i think we're near ecific names that have plenty of upside to the end of the year. >> switching to food now. our next guest is sure to have suggestions for our thanksgiving men you. padma lack smi kshmi the host o chef. but joins us in new york city. >> padma, thank you for joining
12:43 pm
us here today. >> thank you for having me. >> i want to hear about entrepreneurial adventure but first top chef. how do you keep a show fresh and fans engaged. >> it's really hard. we have a vast team of producers who work really hard to add new parameters and challenges. but really the stars of our show are the chefs. they are what makes it fresh. a new batch every season and gives the show a new personality every season. >> and also to you for picking the right chefs. >> yes. >> let's talk about different product lines. a high end line. a more affordable line. and then you also have a jewelry line. >> we're concentrating more on the culinary stuff right now. we have had jewelry in the past both. fine jewelry in the padma collection as well as costume. right now we transition it to be
12:44 pm
table top. immaterial se it sells at the bloomingdales. it is higher end. more detectiv ivedecorative. we use it every day but it's more for a beautiful meal like thanksgiving. stuff that comes out of kitchen and can be used to serve. cutting boards. measuring cups. high end teas. spices. all those kind of things. so we'll be adding to both padma and the other products. >> seems like launching packaged foods would be an extension of that. >> i do want to do it. personally i'm not a big package food person but there are things you can do and if you do them well in a natural healthy way that lends themselves beautifully to being packaged. frozen foods is an area that really keeps the integrity in tact. so if i'm not going to be able to serve to it my daughter i'm not going to be able to sell it. >> what's next?
12:45 pm
>> we'll see. but i think a great place to start is your staples like starches but also things that are an off shoot of the spices like simmering sauces and things like that to help the person at home expedite fresh, healthy cooking. add your own proteins and vegetables but we'll do a lot of leg work and measuring and make sure the meals come out delicious and different on any given night. coming up, is yum on the traders menu today? it is moving high but will it keep going. not so fast pete najarian. he was crazy for this stock but it is now taking a dive. is he still a buyer? (vo) rush hour around here starts at 6:30 a.m. - on the nose.
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but for me, it starts with the opening bell. and the rush i get, lasts way more than an hour. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we've built powerful technology to alert you to your next opportunity. because at scottrade, our passion is to power yours.
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the technology used by traders has come a long way. today nbc universal news is announcing an investment in ken show, the latest in never ending quest for an edge. what's today is a far cry from the good old days. >> for centuryis traders have gone to extreme to get ahead. in the early 1800s it took two
12:49 pm
days two travel between new york and philadelphia. traders with access to sensitive trading information set up networks of the fast horses to travel between the two cities much quicker than the typical stagecoach could. one wealthy broker build a series of tourist that communicatied using telescopes. they could transmit information between the two cities in less than 30 minutes. >> and traders who weren't members secretly drilled holes into the close door sessions to find out which stocks were moving. >> then the telegraph in about 1844 and the tempo of trading dramatically increased. it operated at all hours and could be easily used for private communications. about 20 years later the stock
12:50 pm
ticker continued to revolutionize and ramp up the speed of trading allowing stock information to spread in almost real time and greatly opening up trading to the general public. as technology evolved, so did the new york stock exchange, being among the earliest adopters of the telephone and computers. throughout the centuries, every trading methodology has come under scrutiny. the latest and most controversial is high-frequency trading, which gives traders a speed advantage of just a few milliseconds. but that's all they need. bottom line, traders have always been and will continue to be extremely skillful at figuring out how to get a leg up on the competition. >> and getting a leg up on the competition is exactly what this partnership with kensho is all about. melissa lee has been using the technology for the last few weeks. she, of course, our friend and host of "fast at five."
12:51 pm
good to see you. >> good to see you. this is amazing. so many times we sit around this desk and we say things like, well, what happens to the s&p 500 after the minutes are released? which stocks are most correlated to rising gdp and oil prices? this software allows you to do that and doing it in an isolated and targeted manner. it gives you the power. we know what happens in general, but how about the numbers to back it up? and that is even more powerful, right? in getting answers. >> making better sense of market conditions. >> exactly. >> better sense of corporate events and that they impact certain stocks. >> you're leveling the playing field against the ail goe algorit algorithmic. >> it's not always the obvious things. for instance this morning, we all know that we're in a rising dollar environment, right? we know on an intellectual level that, for instance, a rising dollar is a headwind, for
12:52 pm
instance, to multinational companies. we know it's great for domestic companies. what does the data really show? so what i did was i took a look at the dollar index, how many times it's risen 10% in a span of three months. so a sudden dollar rise, if that happened 11 times since 1980 to date, 11 times, we looked at the data, took a look at the stocks that had the most occurrences. not all stocks traded that entire time frame. weeded them out. we weeded them out so that we only looked at stocks that had existed nine times out of the 11 times in this rising dollar environment. these are the top performers. best buy, maybe that makes sense because they're more domestic, total systems services which is a payment company and moulson coors. take a look at the worst three stocks that were in existence for nine times when the dollar rose 10% in three months. tenet healthcare, st. jude and western digital. these are all surprising, right? you guys are looking at this thinking those are stocks i would have never guessed. >> yeah. to melissa's point, being able to put this into practice in the
12:53 pm
kind of trading that you do, some of us are, you know, longer-term investors. some of us are of-the-moment traders. this is useful in both respects, but certainly for what you guys and the folks at five do around the table. >> yeah. you know, kudos to you, melissa, because it's also how smart a question are you asking? because that's one of the keys here because garbage in, garbage out, even though you've got the ability to dive deep through this data, you still have ask a smart question. >> and it does tell you, you can sort in terms of the validity of it. there are p-scores so you can do another level of sort of weeding out the data. so this is a powerful tool. you can get as nitty gritty as you want and pull the data out, and it is a powerful tool. so tonight at 5:00, we're going to look at which suppliers act the best when apple rises 10%. >> getting granular in a good way. >> exactly. >> we'll see you at 5:00. thanks. coming up, a drone's-eye view of the record-setting fall and the incredible job that lies
12:54 pm
ahead for fans if -- if they want the game to go on this weekend. that and "final trades" coming up next. get ready for some german engineered holiday excitement. at the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. right now, for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a new volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta and the precisely engineered passat tdi.
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not so fast, pete. our traders are quick, but they're not always right. earlier this month pete made a bullish call on el pollo loco. let's listen. >> i think this is actually an opportunity. i have not bought it yet. i've already bought it into earnings. i own the stock. i sold calls, bought back those calls, looking at potentially buying more on this dip because i think it's unjust. >> okay. well, you got a dip of almost 20%. >> and i bought it today on the secondary. i bought it around 27.50, somewhere? there so i did get back in. i finally got the opportunity. i've been selling calls. i've sold it twice now, bought them back. i actually believe in the story because of the growth that i see throughout the rest of the geographically. right now it's west coast and west coast only. a few stores outside of that. but i think that's where the growth comes. >> you bought this stock today. >> yes. and the trend is your friend.
12:58 pm
>> right. when i look at the revenue, i like the numbers i saw. >> i want to get back to the move we're seeing in best buy. they crushed it. comps up more than 3%. sales trends are encouraging, says the company and the ceo. turnaround, back? >> they have the products for now. i think it's back. >> best buy for you? >> fourth quarter, i like it into the fourth quarter. i think the third was good but the fourth gets better because of the products they have. electronics were strong. gaming was strong. mobile apple, gopro, all of these things helped. it wasn't just one product. the stock isn't actually expensive either. >> yeah, i think they're going to benefit from what happened last year in the third quarter. they had the same type the strong earnings report. fourth quarter was disappointing. i think they learned from that, offered cheaper items. i think the street has to respond to the potential not only for the 3% beat on the comps but also on the expense
12:59 pm
side, costs, another $25 million on an annualized basis. i think the street now raises estimates. >> all right. from one of today's best trades to one of its worst. being a buffalo bills fan, and we do sympathize, parts of the city are still digging out from six feet of snow. a storm that set the record for the most snowfall in the u.s. in a 24-hour period. and there's another major storm on the way. they could get three more feet! the problem is the bills are scheduled to host the new york jets on sunday. maybe they should cancel that game for a certain team's sake. >> ib saers play the rangers. >> so they're paying people 10 bucks an hour to shovel the snow out of the stadium. and they give you a free ticket to the game. 220,000 tons of snow are in that stadium right there. now, $10 an hour. >> and a ticket. >> is that cool? >> and a ticket. you're getting a ticket and your $10 an hour. they're trying to entice people.
1:00 pm
jon doesn't agree with it. >> and you get to see the jets! >> money well spent. money well earned. let's do "final trades." >> carnival cruise. >> melco crown, mpel, i bought it. still all about disney, goes higher. >> long deck. >> that does it for us. "power lunch" begins now with tyler mathisen. >> "halftime" is over. "power lunch" and the second half of the trading day start right now. >> all right, scott, folks, thanks very much. we start this hour with danger. a danger in the sky and on american highways. a key hearing is on right now in washington regarding those air bags. but overnight, new and frightening data came back on the safety of, yes, minivans. if you have one, know someone who has one or you're thinking of buying one, you want to see this story. and then danger in the air. major airports including jfk here in new york city have seen a pickup in pilot complaints


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